Handicap Access to Mazo Beach

Friends of Mazo Beach has been replying directly to many of the
people who contacted us regarding not receiving their permits/keys
yet this year. We are posting here in an attempt to get this update
out to people that we may not have been able to connect with in some
other way in the last few days. The following details may not be of
interest to everyone, but some of the people that are affected by
this have requested more information.

Here is the latest info regarding applying for and receiving access

Applying –

The application has changed from last year.

The fastest way to get one is to email us direct at

We will immediately email you back attachments of the Mazomanie 2008
Access Permit Application and Permit Criteria. Directions on how to
fill out, what documentation to submit, and where to send will be

Write us if you have any other questions.

Processing –

We have heard from many people who were not receiving their keys and
were not getting satisfactory results from their attempts to
communicate with the DNR. The DNR said that the delay was due to a
combination of DNR personnel changes and DOT changes regarding the
process of how they verify eligibility for the permits.

On Thursday FOMB held a lengthy meeting with a number of DNR people
including the South Central Regional Director. A number of subjects
were covered including extensive discussion of the much-delayed
permit/key issue. We suggested that since this is going on the fifth
month of no access for the disabled, that they consider sending the
keys/permits out immediately to all applicants and ask for keys back
from any individuals who the DOT may later determine as ineligible.
The Regional Manager said she would deal with it immediately to come
to some resolve and get the keys to people. Later on Thursday we
received word that the “snag” in the application process was being
resolved and the keys and permits were being mailed out immediately.
Further written clarification was received on Friday, stating they
decided that for this year they would go ahead and start issuing the
keys prior to receiving verification of eligibility from the DOT.
(As they receive the DOT information, if some of the applicants to
whom they issued keys are found not to be eligible, they will contact
them and let them know that their permission is revoked and that they
need to return the key. Continued use of the key after notification
could lead to citations from the DNR or other enforcement action from
the DOT.)

Receiving –

All pending applicants should ideally now have been mailed. We are
keeping track of when people receive their keys, so for all those who
have been waiting for keys, please let us know when your key & permit
are received. This can be done via email or phone (608-798-1954).

Steve Colden, the person who was processing the permits in previous
years, is retired as of yesterday. His position has not been
filled. There is a new person covering some of Steve’s duties, but
his complete job description is yet to be determined and it will be
taking him awhile to get up to full speed. For now, all access
applications are continuing to be run through Lydia up in Baraboo.

On another note, Brad Hutnik called last week and offered to do
another fabulous “show and tell” on how the timber harvest went, the
three main invasive plants that are being spread throughout the woods
(garlic mustard, Japanese hedge parsley, & buckthorn), etc… Last
year we had over 40 people show up and there’s a lot of interest in
doing it again, so we’ll be setting something up with him. Let us
know if you want to be kept informed of the details. Also, if you
want to be involved in any of the invasive plant pulls.

We hope the above info answers most of the questions we have been
receiving from people. If not, contact us.

See you at the beach!

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