Doing Our Part

“Saturday morning, I joined up with almost 15 people to clean up the roads. The ‘Friends of Mazo Beach’ and the ‘Badger Naturists‘ have all of the roads around Mazo beach (County road Y and Laws Drive) covered as part of the Adopt-A-Highway program…Some of the members also took the time to pull garlic mustard, an invasive species that the DNR is trying to control.”

So begins a good article about helping your friends and building good public relations.   Posted on The Academic Naturist , the article is HERE

About Mazo Beach

This beach ranks among the finest natural nudist/naturist locations in North America.  And it’s legal!

Mazo Beach is located in southern Wisconsin between Mazomanie and Sauk City on the beautiful Wisconsin River.  It is public land and open to all, and home to the Badger Naturists club.

The beach has a decades-long history as a place where folks who enjoy nature au-natural can do so safely and without legal complications.  Full nudity is acceptable and the norm.

Mazo Beach is clothing optional, though almost everyone is nude.  If you’re new, or not quite ready, feel free to wear a swimsuit.  You won’t be alone.  There is no pressure here, just the opportunity to be as comfortable as you wish as long as you allow others the same freedom.  This is a safe place.  Harassment of any type is not tolerated.

Nudity is legalbeach 1 200x152technically, on most public land in Wisconsin but in reality, it isn’t.  There’s always some other law that can be invoked by those that have a problem with naturists.  That is not the case at Mazo.  Nudity is perfectly alright.

At Mazo we have spent years working out an understanding with public officials so that as long as we self-police activities and keep the beach clean and safe, they are happy to leave us alone. The DNR does patrol the area, are welcome and will enjoy answering any questions you may have.  This is a beautiful and unique location and well worth taking care of.

When you arrive at the parking lot, expect about a mile walk down a gravel road (there be mosquitos) to reach the beach.  Bicycles are great, no motor vehicles. Do NOT leave the road or enter the woods.  There is a large fine for doing so.  At the end of the road is another parking lot (handicap only) and porta-potties.  Just past that is the beach.  Do NOT disrobe before being on the beach proper.

There is no drinking water source or waste container at the beach.  Take out what you bring in.  No glass (Law, BIG fine. Eyeglasses ok.).  Please don’t put your butts (cig, that is) in the sand.  People butts are just fine!

There is no overnight camping within a mile stretch along the beach.  Further away you can, but the Wisconsin is a killer and you should know what you’re doing.  Really, this river kills someone every year.

Nearby campground: Cedar hills.

The river near the beach is not deep and has sandbar-sheltered areas ideal for kids, but watch them!  It cannot be stated too often that this river is a killer.  The bottom changes constantly, with drop-offs and snags underwater.  Never trust it!

That said, the river along the beach is gentle and well behaved.  It’s often possible to walk all the way across the river with no problem, but don’t.

Do not cross the river nude (different county), and the island and sandbar are also off limits though you will see people on them.  We do not need to cause problems with the local authorities.  Plus, you might be arrested.

Want to meet some Badger Naturists?  Check out the group usually near the water on your right as you reach the beach.  They can bring you up to date on what’s up and will be glad to meet you.  Good people. Gary with the long white hair and beard has been there so long that God consulted him about where to put the sand…Nude volleyball

Think you’re pretty good at volleyball?  Usually a serious game going all weekend.

Who should you expect to see?  The same people you see on the street.  Couples, singles, gays, old, young, kids, fat, skinny, buff.  Quite a mix.  Don’t expect a Playboy pictorial.  Just folks.

Behavior:  You will be expected to behave just as you would at any public beach.  If you don’t, someone will correct you or a Ranger will arrest you.  Tanning oil is for tanning, not for fun.  Nudity is for fun, not  sex on the beach.   ‘Nuff said?

No cameras.  Folks expect privacy and cameras have been known to take a swim in the river.  There are times that folks take pics, but you’d better learn a few things before you try.  Most cams and cell phones don’t float.

Pets are welcome, on leash and cleaned up after.  Breaking up a dogfight nekked is not fun.  For mobeach 2 200x152re information about the Beach, click here: Mazo Beach .

If you are concerned about stories you’ve heard about ‘religious’ zealots harassing beachgoers, don’t be.  They haven’t been seen for years.  Seems they have some legal and moral issues of their own to deal with…  Click  HERE for more info about that bunch of, ah, interesting folks.

Some other interesting folks, a bit more into our way of life, have a Yahoo group message board here:  Mazo Beach Fans.  Good place to ask questions about the beach.

Beach hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Come and have a good time.   Tell your friends, consider joining Badger Naturists for year-round nudist/naturist gatherings and events!

Map image

Mazo Beach:  Click to view and navigate.

See also:  Nude Wisconsin


From Madison: Hwy 12 north to Cty Y, left (west) to 2nd Laws Drive right, short to Conservation Rd (gravel, left).  At parking lot walk (or bike, no motors) 1 mile to handicap lot and beach.  Do not disrobe before beach! No no no, busted! 

From La Cross, Hwy 14 south to Mazomanie, Hwy Y, east to Laws Drive then follow above.

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NAC Alert 6-2-08


 DATE   : May 21, 2008

SUBJECT: California : San Onofre State Beach

TO     : Naturists and other concerned citizens

 This is an Action Alert from the Naturist Action Committee. NAC is asking for your immediate help in responding to a serious threat in the state of California  


 NAC has learned that Ruth Coleman, Director of California’s Department of Parks and Recreation, has abruptly revoked the application of the Department’s Cahill Policy, as it applies to clothing-optional portions of San Onofre State Beach in San Diego County. Rangers have been told to begin “educating” beachgoers, starting June 1. The issuing of citations for nudity in the traditional clothing-optional area is to follow after 30 days.

 NAC urgently requests that you contact the Director of CA Parks to express your vigorous opposition to this disastrous change in policy. Detailed contact information is included below. However, so that your contact with the Director’s office will have the greatest impact, please first take a couple of moments to learn about this situation.

Click HERE for more info.

Handicap Access to Mazo Beach

Friends of Mazo Beach has been replying directly to many of the
people who contacted us regarding not receiving their permits/keys
yet this year. We are posting here in an attempt to get this update
out to people that we may not have been able to connect with in some
other way in the last few days. The following details may not be of
interest to everyone, but some of the people that are affected by
this have requested more information.

Here is the latest info regarding applying for and receiving access

Applying –

The application has changed from last year.

The fastest way to get one is to email us direct at

We will immediately email you back attachments of the Mazomanie 2008
Access Permit Application and Permit Criteria. Directions on how to
fill out, what documentation to submit, and where to send will be

Write us if you have any other questions.

Processing –

We have heard from many people who were not receiving their keys and
were not getting satisfactory results from their attempts to
communicate with the DNR. The DNR said that the delay was due to a
combination of DNR personnel changes and DOT changes regarding the
process of how they verify eligibility for the permits.

On Thursday FOMB held a lengthy meeting with a number of DNR people
including the South Central Regional Director. A number of subjects
were covered including extensive discussion of the much-delayed
permit/key issue. We suggested that since this is going on the fifth
month of no access for the disabled, that they consider sending the
keys/permits out immediately to all applicants and ask for keys back
from any individuals who the DOT may later determine as ineligible.
The Regional Manager said she would deal with it immediately to come
to some resolve and get the keys to people. Later on Thursday we
received word that the “snag” in the application process was being
resolved and the keys and permits were being mailed out immediately.
Further written clarification was received on Friday, stating they
decided that for this year they would go ahead and start issuing the
keys prior to receiving verification of eligibility from the DOT.
(As they receive the DOT information, if some of the applicants to
whom they issued keys are found not to be eligible, they will contact
them and let them know that their permission is revoked and that they
need to return the key. Continued use of the key after notification
could lead to citations from the DNR or other enforcement action from
the DOT.)

Receiving –

All pending applicants should ideally now have been mailed. We are
keeping track of when people receive their keys, so for all those who
have been waiting for keys, please let us know when your key & permit
are received. This can be done via email or phone (608-798-1954).

Steve Colden, the person who was processing the permits in previous
years, is retired as of yesterday. His position has not been
filled. There is a new person covering some of Steve’s duties, but
his complete job description is yet to be determined and it will be
taking him awhile to get up to full speed. For now, all access
applications are continuing to be run through Lydia up in Baraboo.

On another note, Brad Hutnik called last week and offered to do
another fabulous “show and tell” on how the timber harvest went, the
three main invasive plants that are being spread throughout the woods
(garlic mustard, Japanese hedge parsley, & buckthorn), etc… Last
year we had over 40 people show up and there’s a lot of interest in
doing it again, so we’ll be setting something up with him. Let us
know if you want to be kept informed of the details. Also, if you
want to be involved in any of the invasive plant pulls.

We hope the above info answers most of the questions we have been
receiving from people. If not, contact us.

See you at the beach!