…to all Mazo Beach users who have assisted with flood clean-up efforts

We wish to express a BIG THANK YOU to all the Mazo Beach users involved in clean-up efforts after the recent flooding.  People from the beach have helped neighbors, friends and strangers during this difficult situation, as well as a few having to deal with their own flood clean-ups.  Assistance (which often included the use of gloves, masks, boots and waders as safety precautions) ranged from the filling and placing of sandbags to cleaning up basements and homes to helping flood victims dispose of contaminated possessions and recover salvageable possessions.  Areas we are aware of where beach users gave their assistance include Gays Mills, Viola, Richland Center, Spring Green, Dane, Avoca, Baraboo, and Reedsburg.  If there are others of you who have helped that we are not yet aware of, please let us know.

A BIG round of applause goes out to each and every one of you who have given of yourselves to lessen the tragedy of others.  And a reminder that there is still an ongoing need for help in various areas for those who wish to share some time and energy.  Contact us, and we can get you lined up with people and agencies that would greatly appreciate your assistance.


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