Local Brewery Introduces Seasonal Nude Beach Beer

Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat is the latest summer seasonal release from the Stevens Point Brewery. The brewery is the second oldest brewery in Wisconsin and the fifth oldest brewery in the United States.

Go to their website at: http://www.pointbeer.com

In the blog part of the website see the following –
Nicky Lee’s comment about Nude Beach Beer at the Eastern Gathering:
Black’s Beach Bares reenactment of the Nude Beach Beer label:

The Naturist Society, the 20,000-member organization based in
Oshkosh, Wisconsin quickly became fans of the new Summer Seasonal
Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat from the Stevens Point Brewery.

Naturist Society affiliated group, Black’s Beach Bares in San Diego ,
recreated the beer label scene – and what a fine job they did!
Depicting our beach scene down to the colors of the towels – we
applaud their attention to detail! This creative photo will be
featured in N magazine’s August issue.

Deadline for Nude Beach Beer webmercial contest entries is August

Limited time availability – Get it while you can!
And consider posting a positive comment or thank you on their blog.

Remember, since Nude Beach Beer only comes in bottles, do NOT bring
it to Mazo Beach or you risk paying a very large fine.


One Response

  1. Found it at Pick ‘n Save. Cheap on sale, and surprisingly delicious, too! Goes great with my baked Russet and feta. Last beer that I liked this well was some Sam Adams lager on tap at The Mill, in Iowa City. Of course that was all of four evenings ago, now . . . .

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