Autumn Rubbish Roundup

Hey folks!

Do you enjoy going to the Beach?  What a special place; scenic, safe and clean.  Ever wonder how that came to be?

Welcome to Friends of Mazo Beach!

It’s not an accident that all this happens, it’s the concerted efforts of some devoted individuals who lobby, cajole, and persuade those in power to allow Mazo Beach to continue to exist.  That, and the help of all of those who use the beach also contribute.

Part of that job is to help keep the highway near the beach cleared of litter.  Of course, it’s not our litter because beachgoers would never do that, but it’s good PR and, makes the area nicer for everyone.

So,consider spending a part of your day helping out and maybe making some new friends.  Stop by and pick some litter.  It’s fun, really!  But, sigh, you have to wear clothes…

(By the way, the previous text is supplied by your friendly webmaster who has never so much as lifted a finger on behalf of FOMB other than administering this site.  The hard-working members of FOMB deserve all the credit!)    


Saturday, September 27th, 10am

Join the Talkin’ Trash Team in the main parking lot

RSVP if possible – Bring: gloves, good shoes

Provided: fashionable orange vests, bags, refreshments, pastry

Then it’s on to Culver’s for prizes and treats as usual

Rain date: Sunday, September 28th, 10am

For more details contact:   608-798-1954


2 Responses

  1. Eager to help out, but I’m in Milwaukee . . . if I get to Madison by 9 AM would anyone with a car be able to pick me up? I would need to get back to Madison by 8 PM. Any help would be greatly appreciated — and rewarded with a pack of Nude Beach (to be consumed apart from day’s activities, of course)!!!

  2. Where was the community?

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