More on Mazo

  This article just appeared in the Canadian press about Mazomanie.  For a litle town it’s sure getting it’s share of the news market.  And it’s good news!

  Mazomanie, Wis., offers a blend of art, history, nature and nudists

A Reminder

If you haven’t filled out a FOMB 2008 Survey yet, please take the time to do so.  The information collected is invaluable in the continuing effort to keep our beach free for the use of all.  Thank you!

Famous Mazo

  Our little Mazomanie has gained a bit of national attention lately.  Budget Travel Magazine has printed a flattering article about ‘our’ hometown in their Sept. 2008 issue.  It even includes a small mention of the Beach.

  Mazo has had a bit of a turnaround in recent years with a burgeoning art community and an all around facelift.  It’s become a quite picturesque Wisconsin community.

  To read the online version click here: 10 Coolest Small Towns: Mazomanie

NAC to the Rescue!

San Onofre Beach is officially SAVED, at least until the State of California decides to abide by the law and follow the proper procedures to change some long-existing policy.

Thanks to a lawsuit by TNS, the Friends of San Onofre Beach and some others, the beach is safe for now.

Read about it at NAC Alerts, some history about it HERE.