There’s a bunch of names, e-mail addresses out there that may be a bit confusing.  It’s the nature of the Internet.  Let’s try to sort them out, OK?   The address to write to for things related to this site, NOT for things related to Badger Naturists or Friends of Mazo Beach.  THE place to write to about Mazo Beach stuff, or FOMB.  THE place to write to about Badger Naturists.

That is the end of any sort of official connection with Badger Naturists or FOMB.  Period.

These other groups, message boards, etc., are all totally unrelated to FOMB or Badger Naturists.







OK, do we have all that sorted out now?  WE have a hard time keeping track of this stuff, can’t blame you if you’re confused.  Just come back to this site for the straight dope.

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