Hallowe’en Party Was A Monster Mash!

A good time had by all, too much food to eat, great costumes, lotsa happy naked people, doesn’t get much better than that!  Look to Badger Naturists for more info and pics, maybe we’ll get some here too.

Thanks to all of you that pitched in to set up, decorate, and do all the shuffling of food and stuff that’s part of feeding and entertaing a hundred or so nekked folks!

There were some brand new people there this year, never nude socially before, and they loved it!  Welcome to you and we hope to see you again!

And let’s not forget Claudia and Jim, who never got a chance to relax (as usual) because they were running around making sure everything went smoothly.  People, we need to work on this.  We need to organize volunteers, I’ve never seen either of these guys sitting down.  They really deserve a chance to relax!

The music was great, Mr. Wooten did the traditional bowling thing, life is good.

The worst thing about the costume contest was trying to pick winners.  Everybody did a terrific job and it was fun for all.  It’s amazing that every year new ideas pop up.  Guess we’re all kids at heart.

And speaking of kids, there was a whole flock of them this year, ‘way cool.  Little’ns all over the place!

Once again, thanks to everyone who came, all who helped out, the food pantry stuff (that will really be appreciated), all the wonderfull food, and just thanks for the good time we all had!

Now, shutter the windows, turn up the heat, and wait for summer!

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