Lee Baxandall

  The founder of The Naturist Society has left our beaches and gone on to wherever good naturists go.  For decades he was a mover and shaker in our world, our lifestyle.  He had handed over the tiller as his health declined but made sure it was in good hands.

  He’ll be missed, not only as a valuable member of our community but for the man heimage was.  As a reminder of how we all need to work together, he was also instrumental in creating that which became Gay Naturists International.  Let’s keep that in mind when the intolerance issue comes up. There’s room for all of us.

For more on this please go to the NAC Blog .

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A Brief History of Nudism and Naturism

image   With thanks to USAnudist.com  and credit to Southern California Naturist Association.   Enjoy!

  “A Brief History…”

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Got some pics from the road cleanup and the Halloween party posted on Badger NaturistsCheck ’em out!

Folks, if you are anywhere near the southern part of Wisconsin, you might want to consider joining Badger Naturists/FOMB  because these are a great bunch of folks that know how to have a good time. 

Now, if you’re lookin’ for a ‘swinging’ good time, you might be barking up the wrong tree.  Ordinary folks here, family types.  No prob with your lifestyle choice, but look elsewhere.

It’s gonna be a long, cold winter so if we can find ways to make it easier, then let’s do it!  Have a hot tub?  Like fellow naturists?  Join with us and have a party!  New folks are always welcome, an expanded network is good.  Go to the contact page, e-mail those folks and let’s see what happens!

Nac Uodate 11-14-08

NAC Update – WA: Seattle REJECTS nudity ban

A propsed ban on Seatle’s previously clothes-free public parks has been rejected.  Read about it here:  NAC Blog 

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This Sounds Like Fun!

  How about a nude corn maze next summer?  A nice afternoon nude stroll in the sun with friends?  A change of scenery from the Beach, or wherever you usually go.  Cold cider and maybe a little homespun music afterwards to relax after all that walking?

  Click here: Nude Corn Maze?

Comments, suggestions?  Should FOMB consider it?  Paid up-front reservations to reassure the farmer (private event) or open to the public?  Clothing optional or nudist?  Want to volunteer to organize it?

  Questions, questions…  Let’s hear from you!     

AANR Bulletin

  Denmark beaches still legally nude; Kate Winslet on nudity; Pumpkin-head streakers are sex offenders.  Check the current AANR Bulletin.   Sign up HERE 

   All you need is an e-mail, quick and easy!