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  1. Saturday at Mazo was gorgeous even if nearly deserted. The cloudless sky with lots of sun made-up for the cool temp. The sand was dry and warm. Now we just need more folks to come out.

  2. A giant cup of soda dumped on your mom? Ah, have you seen some of these ‘reality’ shows on TV lately? A cup of soda is nothing!

    It’s just too bad that such disrespectful behaviour continues out into the streets and roadways.

    Thanks to all who help remedy that situation!

  3. I have seen a very interesting thing happen while at clothing optional venues, in particular, Mazo Beach. Or at least the long road leading to the beach. And I think I have an explanation for it. Riding our bikes to the beach from the parking lot, we pass many people going both ways. I try to greet the with a friendly hello, or a comment about the weather. Most people avoid eye contact, as if they do not want to be recognized.

    I had one fear when I started going to Mazo, which is close to where we live. It was that I would see someone I knew or that I worked with. That has not happened in the 15 years we have been going. But that fear provides an answer to why people are shy about greeting us. They are either ashamed of what they are doing, or afraid to see the person who sat behind them in church that morning. Either way, it’s too bad. My fear has been overcome by the joy and pleasure experienced when we visit this piece of heaven.

    What do you think?

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