This Sounds Like Fun!

  How about a nude corn maze next summer?  A nice afternoon nude stroll in the sun with friends?  A change of scenery from the Beach, or wherever you usually go.  Cold cider and maybe a little homespun music afterwards to relax after all that walking?

  Click here: Nude Corn Maze?

Comments, suggestions?  Should FOMB consider it?  Paid up-front reservations to reassure the farmer (private event) or open to the public?  Clothing optional or nudist?  Want to volunteer to organize it?

  Questions, questions…  Let’s hear from you!     


4 Responses

  1. Sounds like a great idea to me! However, I’d expect that many of the beach bums would get to the middle of it, open a lawn chair, and dig out their 6-pack. Getting to the exit would mean that clothes need to be put back on.

    Are there any farmers that are regulars to the beach?

  2. Hey! Carl, formerly owner of Cedar Hills Campground! Not a beach-goer but naturist friendly! Grows corn, has cows. Handy to the beach, campground attached. Hmm…

  3. This is a brilliant idea, and I’d love to attend!

  4. I’d love to see this happen. Where do I sign up?

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