On The Road Again, With Rev. Ralph

 bus_small One of our old ‘friends’ is back in the news.  Rev. Ralph has bought some ads on Madison city busses reminding us that there IS a God.  This is a response to the Freedom From Religion  folks’ ads quoting famous people explaining why they don’t think so.

Madison Metro is enjoying the added revenue.  Works for us.

Anyway, his bunch hasn’t bothered us for years, not since his, ah, legal problems.  Kind of makes you believe in a God after all…

Here’s a link to the story in the Wisconsin State Journal 

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One Response

  1. Personally, I’m a little surprised (and very disappointed) that Madison Metro is willing to propagate such a dispute for revenue. I’m losing respect for our city’s leadership in this respect…

    As for Mazo, I hope the Reverend keeps his distance. I’ve been a Mazo beach-goer since I was 19 (that’s….er…never mind how many years that is! 😉 and I have seen first-hand the way he and his followers harass people on the beach – and it’s wrong! I plan to be there this summer and I just want to enjoy being there!

    Happy Spring!!!

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