Friends Of Mazo Beach

Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell…


   Friends, it’s time for the administrator of this FOMB website to bid you a fond adieu.  This site was intended to be an easy-to-do way to provide currant information to you about the Beach and related topics.  In that I feel that it’s fulfilled it’s function.

 But I never intended to be the one to do it.  It was given to FOMB with the thought that someone else with an interest would pick it up.  

Our lives are very troubled right now and there are other obligations that have a higher priority.  This site, though easy to handle, is more than I wish to do.

On a personal level, we hardly consider ourselves to be part of Badger Naturists anymore.  Due to disabilities we can no longer go to the beach.  Due to the way the law looks at things we are not disabled and cannot get a pass to drive there, though many less disabled than we are can.  The best we can do is a Winter party once in a while.  We love the folks but don’t really feel like we can participate much and belong.

So this is a request for help.  Someone, one of you, to perhaps take over this site and give it  some new life.  Just e-mail with a brief explanation of why you’d like to do it and we’ll forward it to the Powers That Be and let them decide.

There is an opportunity here for someone to contribute to the FOMB and Badger Naturist organizations, I hope someone will take it. 

Thanks for coming here, hope it’s been useful, and hopefully will be better in the future!