Final reminder that National Nude Weekend is being celebrated this Saturday at Mazo Beach.  Come early, stay late.

This year, The Naturist Society’s National Nude Week runs from July 6th to July 12th, with the theme being “TNS – The Heart of Grassroots Naturism.”  As always, Mazo Beach will be celebrating on the Saturday at the end of the week (July 11th) with a rain date being Sunday (July 12th).

The main Saturday events are:


The Friends of Mazo Beach will be providing brats, hotdogs, potato salad, and baked beans.  The rest of the meal is a potluck.  There will be a can for donations.  If you know what you are bringing for a potluck item or if you would like to help out, please contact FOMB at 608-798-1954 or friendsofmazobeach@yahoo.com.   Also, consider letting us know if you are planning to come to help make our food estimate more accurate.

Prizes will be rewarded for the best quality contributions, and tickets for a prize raffle will be given to all who bring dishes to pass or help out in other ways.


For more detailed info, go to the 2009 Mazo Beach Nude Olympics collaboration site (http://www.wwncw.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/MazoBeachNudeOlympics2009).  It’s the main source for the latest info, and the place to sign up if you’d like to help out.  This year Doug is the primary organizer with lots of new ideas.  He is organizing the activities online, and volunteers are welcome to contribute in small ways.  Please contact him at admin@wwncw.org.

Following the games, there will be a Chinese raffle, where each prize has a box for tickets and you can choose which boxes to put your tickets in.  You can earn tickets by playing and winning games, and volunteering for tasks.  Prizes currently include:

TNS membership for one year,

“World Guide to Nude Beaches” books,

“The Funny Side of Going Naked” books,

Wind-up LED flashlight,

Auto-counting change bank,


Bug spray and sun block packages,

Many nights of free camping at Cedarhills Campground


In addition, those who have not already done so will have an opportunity to fill out this year’s beach survey and have their names submitted into drawings for valuable prizes.  (There have already been drawings from those who have done surveys the first half of this year.)  Names will be pulled later this weekend.

Also, Naturist Society memberships will be available at a special discounted rate for those who wish to join.

Finally, there is still time to pull some garlic mustard before the prize drawings for pullers at the end of this weekend.  The bad thing is, garlic mustard came back this year in such abundance that there are still lots of plants remaining to be pulled.  The good this is, you can have your name entered once for each bag of the stuff you pull (and the plants are now so huge it doesn’t take long to fill a bag.)  Remember, one of the prizes is a year’s membership in The Naturist Society, and there will be a party for all pullers at the end of the season.

The weather looks good for Saturday’s fun activities.  Hope to see you on the beach!

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