Friends Of Mazo Beach

Another Great and Magical Weekend at the Beach !


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Nude Olympics yesterday.  The weather was ideal for a wonderful day at the beach – perfect temperature, low humidity, pleasant breeze, and intermittent clouds in the sky.

One question we are being asked repeatedly via email this morning already is about the outcome of the three candy guessing contests.  The winners were Merry, Jerry, and Patty with the correct counts being 55 fish, 77 life savers, and 333 gummy bares.

Due to it being a perfect day for relaxing and wandering around the beach, a number of the games requiring more people and teams being in one place at the same time did not occur, but there were many requests to do them some time over Labor Day weekend.  Let us know what days you plan to be there, and we will try to accomodate the majority of people. 

Besides the various games and contests that did occur, we were treated to two VERY GIANT chairs at the beach – we hope they return often.  In addition, our resident juggler treated everyone to a spendid show of awesome juggling with many objects – from grapes and balls to swords and flaming torches!  Thanks, Rick.

 After prizes were distributed, juicy watermelon slices were a welcome treat for many people still on the beach.

What a slice of heaven !!!