Reminder to contact us as we schedule activities for Labor Day Weekend

Regarding previous post, we’ve already  received some great suggestions for what games and contests to do or repeat over Labor Day Weekend for adults and/or kids:  more guessing contests, balloon stomp, banana relay, boule tournament, drag racing, farm animal meet & greet, tug of war, grape catching, bubblegum blowing, sunflower seed spitting, minnow catching, sand sculpturing. Still time for more suggestions.

And remember, let us know which day(s) during Labor Day weekend you would prefer to watch or participate in more games and contests.  Again, there will be great prizes provided by The Naturist Society – including t-shirts, towels, world nude beach guidebooks, sunglasses, TNS memberships, and much more!


One Response

  1. I was minding my own business reading a book on Sunday when I heard someone yell, “What color are your balls?” A guy answered, “My balls are blue.” I looked up to see they were playing the game “testicle toss”!

    Might I suggest a three-legged race for over Labor Day?

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