Final Segment of 2011 Nude Olympics – Sunday, September 4th

Thanks much for ALL the input and suggestions regarding the upcoming Labor Day Weekend events at the beach.  Based on your responses, the games and contests will commence around noonish on Sunday. 

The official tug of war rope has been picked up from the USA Tug of War Association.  (Ancient Tug of War Proverb: The Challenge for every team is to build a feeling of oneness… because the question is not how well each team member pulls, but how well they pull together.)  And, hey, did you know that the world championships are going to be taking place in Appenzell Switzerland next year? – And the 2014 World Championships will be right here in Madison WI !!!

The tug of war will start out the Nude Olympics shortly after noon.  Check previous postings for some of the games occurring after the opening tug.

Grapes will be on hand to nourish the bodies of all players, and a fantastic assortment of prizes, mostly provided by The Naturist Society’s Skinnydipper Shop, are ready to be given out.

Weather should be great – no rain, and lower temperatures.

Hope you can come join us and be a Nude Olympian (a real eye-catcher to add to your resume.)  Oh, and not to worry, there’s really not much need to be in shape or have any great skills or finesse to be a winner.

Questions?  E-mail or call 608-798-1954.