2014 FOMB Survey

 Please take the time to fill out the FOMB 2014 Survey / Mailing List Update as soon as possible.

Click the link below for the Word document:


Mail the completed survey to:
or e-mail to

All information provided is kept strictly confidential, but valuable information has been gained by being able to number crunch and provide statistical information to the DNR, legislators, and others who have power to decide how the beach is managed.

As always, if uncomfortable answering any question at any time, just don’t answer it and move on to the next question.

Remember, a survey must be filled out each year to be on the current mailing list.  (Also, in addition to keeping you updated with current accurate beach information, the mailing list is used for sending off-season activity invitations – the infamous Halloween Party, etc…)

With all the arrows pointed at the beach from various directions this year, it is more important than ever before to both let your voice be heard and to be able to stay informed as changes occur.

Thank you for caring and letting your voice be heard!

And thanks to the tens of thousands who have taken the time to do surveys since 1992. The statistical information provided in the surveys has many times proven invaluable in providing information to the various powers that be, and continues to play a major role in helping keep Mazo Beach clothing-optional.

So, if you agree with the following statement, click on the above link to be a part of making a difference.


(kept strictly confidential)

I support FOMB’s efforts in representing me and my interests, and working on my behalf and behalf of other naturist and non-naturist users from various user groups as well as supporters of individual freedom and local business owners to help maintain our rights to use the public lands of Mazo Beach in a harmonious, respectful manner. I support the continued inclusion of long-standing traditional clothing-optional usage of Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River as a part of a multi-use management plan for the Mazomanie Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Whether or not I choose nude recreation as my personal option, I oppose any action by the DNR or any other public officials to restrict or eliminate such usage. I strongly urge public officials to allocate the resources to make my visits to the beach safe and enjoyable, and I request that priority be given to preserving this site for the many who use it each year in a clothing-optional manner.”

Please help us better represent you by sharing some info:

[If uncomfortable answering any question at any time, do not answer it.]



3 Responses

  1. I support the beach but too many personal questions.

    • Instructions say to fill out the parts you’re comfortable with. Skip anything that you find too personal. Thanks!

  2. Reblogged this on All Nudist and commented:
    If you don’t mind giving semi-anonymous folks more personal information than your mother knows, please fill out this form. Though we support this group wholeheartedly in principle (we originally built their website), we made it clear to them years ago that this was asking too much, unnecessarily.

    FOMB has done much for Mazo Beach in the past, and may do more in the future, but it needs new blood. If you have the will and the energy, we suggest you become involved and work to save what’s left of our beach experience!

    Supporters of sex on the beach need not apply; that’s the main problem though the specifics are usually not mentioned publicly due to political correctness issues.

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