2014 Petition in Support of Mazo Beach

Mazo Beach desperately needs your help!  Please print off a petition (or petitions) and offer the opportunity to sign to everyone you know who understands the value of the beach and believes that Mazo Beach should remain as a clothing-optional beach as well as be re-opened Mondays thru Fridays.

PETITION (Word format)


Please note:

  • The DNR and Riverway Board will ONLY get the LEFT HALF of the sheet with the date, signature, and printed name.
  • The RIGHT HALF is only if we need to contact you.
  • If known, please indicate on the far right if the person is a naturist (N), a non-naturist (NN), a supporter (S), or a business owner (BO).

Please return by Tuesday June 10th for maximum impact in both meetings.  (If returned later that week, it can still be included for the second meeting.)

Mail the petition to:
or scan and e-mail to friendsofmazobeach@yahoo.com

Petition text:

I, the undersigned, am a naturist or non-naturist Mazo Beach user, a supporter, and / or a local business owner who benefits from this clothing-optional beach. I support the continued inclusion of long-standing traditional clothing-optional usage of the beach as a part of a multi-use land management plan for the Mazomanie Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Whether or not I choose nude recreation as my personal option, I oppose any action by the DNR or any other public officials to restrict or eliminate such usage. I strongly urge public officials to allocate the resources to make beach visits safe and enjoyable every day of the week, and I request priority to be given to preserving this site for the many tens of thousands who use it each year.”


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