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2014 Halloween Party


2014 Halloween Party invitation

2014 Halloween Party reservation form

The links above are your invitation and reservation form for this year’s upcoming hubbub harbinger of Hallowmas happiness:


“But,” you ask, “Why would I want to go? What sort of fun could I possibly have?”

Well, to mention just a few of many options:

* Explore bite-licious delights & dilemmas of too many sweets as you sink your fangs into curious concoctions at this freaky fiesta.

* Hiss and howl to finger-snapping, toe-tapping mysterious melodies that will cause your body to spasm with tantalizing orgone-accumulating holographic sonic moves of shaking shoulders and wiggling hips turning you into a wild frenzy as you monster mash into the wee hours.

* Wander through the wonders and woes of costume selection, and the fun and fantasy of masks, both real and imagined, as you experience the ultimate in costume contests.

* And remember ladies, pain free “mammo-grahms” will once again be available at the CarnEVIL!

So beware the curse of the witch, avoid the vampire’s bite, run if you hear the werewolf howling at the full moon, and most important, come capture the spirit and celebrate the opposing forces of darkness and light at this feast of Samhain where the boundaries of our world and the otherworld are broken and you will be able to mingle with the likes of candy comaholics, insecure monsters, feisty pumpkins, obese vampires, beauty-obsessed monstresses and more.

Back by popular demand, we will once again be offering an early start option for those who want to arrive on Friday, November 7th.

And if you had a room last year, let us know if you would like the same room.

Hope you can join us,

Badger Naturists and Friends of Mazo Beach