Badger Naturists Road Cleanup


SATURDAY,  MAY 2nd, 2015  at 10AM

Meet at the main beach parking lot.  This is one of our big public relations events.  PLEASE COME!


6 Responses

  1. When does the beach open for use?

  2. is there a new parking area – i tried to go yesterday, but the area was closed, and there were signs posted that said it would be closed March 1-September something.

  3. Several reviews have popped up online this spring about the beach banning nudity and something about a camara being installed monitoring license plates??? Is this true? Could someone on the ground their verify that this isn’t true for all us out of towners… Has their been any change from last summer in how the DNR is regulating the beach? Thanks

    • There’s been 1 report from 1 person, who obviously made it up to scare people. There’s been no policy changes between last year and this year. And if a camera were there, I’m sure someone would’ve broken it by now. If big changes like that happen, it will be on the main page here.

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