A BIG THANK YOU to all who participated in this event!

This spring 50 beach users formed a Friends of Mazo Beach team to participate in the Princeton Club / Second Harvest “Million Pound Challenge”. This is an annual event in which group participants choose a food pantry they would like to help, and Princeton Club gives $10 worth of food to that pantry (thru Second Harvest Food Pantry) for every hour participants exercise. Participants exercised wherever they chose, any way they chose, and weekly logged in exercise times on their computers. We had participants on our Mazo Beach team from as far away as Miami, Florida and Vancouver, Canada!

For those who may not know, the end result was…

TEAM FRIENDS OF MAZO BEACH finished the competition in FIFTH PLACE out of 195 teams!   WAY TO GO!!!

More importantly, together we reported enough total exercise hours to provide over TWO TONS OF FOOD delivered from Second Harvest to Sauk Prairie Area Food Pantry in our name! Not only were we able to help local residents in need, but at the same time provide another example of beach users being good stewards of the area we love and care about.

Let us know if you want to join in the “Million Pound Challenge” next year to break our own record. Let’s make next year’s goal “FIRST PLACE”!


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