You heard correctly — Mazo Beach has been closed by the DNR on 3/8/2016.

DNR Press Release Link


Friends of Mazo Beach is meeting with the DNR to address this decision, as well as working together with the The Naturist Society’s Naturist Action Committee and legal counsel.  Contact FOMB for the latest and most accurate information regarding beach closure.  Much needs to be done very quickly, so if you care, let it be known in order to be added to the database.  If you haven’t submitted a beach survey within the past 12 months, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! (link to a survey form)  If you want to be more actively involved in ensuring the beach’s future, clarify what you are willing to do – ie: be on the steering committee, help behind the scenes, write / call various officials, etc… IF NOT YOU, WHO?  IF NOT NOW, WHEN?

2 Responses

  1. FYI, since crime seems to be the hot topic, I’ve posted an analysis I did a few years back.

  2. I live in Mazomanie and have been going to the beach for 20 years on a regular basis. I would love to get it reopened. Although we should work toward that, I wonder if the initial approach should be to get the state to adopt a much more tolerant view on nonsexual nudity on public lands, much like what you will find in the state of Oregon. With this broad strategy on tolerance, people could still enjoy the river the way nature intended. Lewd behavior or public sex would be policed, not nudity. Offenders would also have a harder time finding a particular spot to troll for sex or gawk.

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