Friends Of Mazo Beach



You heard correctly — Mazo Beach has been closed by the DNR on 3/8/2016.

DNR Press Release Link


Friends of Mazo Beach is meeting with the DNR to address this decision, as well as working together with the The Naturist Society’s Naturist Action Committee and legal counsel.  Contact FOMB for the latest and most accurate information regarding beach closure.  Much needs to be done very quickly, so if you care, let it be known in order to be added to the database.  If you haven’t submitted a beach survey within the past 12 months, DO SO IMMEDIATELY! (link to a survey form)  If you want to be more actively involved in ensuring the beach’s future, clarify what you are willing to do – ie: be on the steering committee, help behind the scenes, write / call various officials, etc… IF NOT YOU, WHO?  IF NOT NOW, WHEN?