About Badger Naturists

About Us

A Badger Naturist:

  • …is not judged on the basis of race, religion, politics, marital status, age (minors must have a parent’s permission), gender, occupations or income.  He or she is judged on compatibility with the group and on his/her willingness to conform to the prevailing standards.
  • …respects the privacy of others, is concerned with his/her behaviors as it reflects on the reputation of family-style nudism, and is willing to share responsibility of maintaining the compatibility of the group.
  • …whether single or married, young or old, believes in family-style nudism where sexual preferences and harassments are not a public issue, where consumption of alcohol is controlled, where illegal activities and substances are forbidden.
  • …is part of a larger family of friends who respect each other and other’s belongings.  Both children and adults are expected to be considerate guests in homes and on trips.
  • …pays annual dues.  While not required, we encourage all members to also join The American Association for Nude Recreation and/or The Naturist Society.
  • …who believes in the essential wholesomeness of the entire human body, the naturalness of social nudism, and our right to practice nudism.

We work to support

  • The continued free use Mazo Beach
  • Clothing optional events in southern Wisconsin
  • Your right to enjoy nude recreation

Click here for the Badger Naturist website.

5 Responses

  1. Just a note: the link to our website is incorrect and people won’t find it. When you get a chance, do you mind correcting it? Thanks.

    The correct link is: http://www.badgernaturists.org


  2. Thanks Nicholas, I can’t believe that boo-boo lasted so long. Fixed it and will look around for others.

    FYI, badgernaturists.com works fine too, but only if spelled correctly! 😉

  3. Does Badger Naturists still exist? I have sent several Emails asking for info to join, using the email links on their page, non have been answered.

    • Email sometimes gets lost, and they tend to be busy even if they do see it. The best thing to do is call the phone numbers that you find on this and the Badger site. There isn’t really an official “joining”, but if you fill out the beach surveys and meet up at various events or at the beach, then you’ll be part of it.

  4. I am a resident of N. Aurora, Illinois. Last Sunday my female friend and I had the most wonderful time at Mazo. This was my friend’s initial visit to a naturist and she could not received a warmer welcome from the other naturists.
    Thank you.

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