Final reminder that National Nude Weekend is being celebrated this Saturday at Mazo Beach.  Come early, stay late.

This year, The Naturist Society’s National Nude Week runs from July 6th to July 12th, with the theme being “TNS – The Heart of Grassroots Naturism.”  As always, Mazo Beach will be celebrating on the Saturday at the end of the week (July 11th) with a rain date being Sunday (July 12th).

The main Saturday events are:


The Friends of Mazo Beach will be providing brats, hotdogs, potato salad, and baked beans.  The rest of the meal is a potluck.  There will be a can for donations.  If you know what you are bringing for a potluck item or if you would like to help out, please contact FOMB at 608-798-1954 or friendsofmazobeach@yahoo.com.   Also, consider letting us know if you are planning to come to help make our food estimate more accurate.

Prizes will be rewarded for the best quality contributions, and tickets for a prize raffle will be given to all who bring dishes to pass or help out in other ways.


For more detailed info, go to the 2009 Mazo Beach Nude Olympics collaboration site (http://www.wwncw.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/MazoBeachNudeOlympics2009).  It’s the main source for the latest info, and the place to sign up if you’d like to help out.  This year Doug is the primary organizer with lots of new ideas.  He is organizing the activities online, and volunteers are welcome to contribute in small ways.  Please contact him at admin@wwncw.org.

Following the games, there will be a Chinese raffle, where each prize has a box for tickets and you can choose which boxes to put your tickets in.  You can earn tickets by playing and winning games, and volunteering for tasks.  Prizes currently include:

TNS membership for one year,

“World Guide to Nude Beaches” books,

“The Funny Side of Going Naked” books,

Wind-up LED flashlight,

Auto-counting change bank,


Bug spray and sun block packages,

Many nights of free camping at Cedarhills Campground


In addition, those who have not already done so will have an opportunity to fill out this year’s beach survey and have their names submitted into drawings for valuable prizes.  (There have already been drawings from those who have done surveys the first half of this year.)  Names will be pulled later this weekend.

Also, Naturist Society memberships will be available at a special discounted rate for those who wish to join.

Finally, there is still time to pull some garlic mustard before the prize drawings for pullers at the end of this weekend.  The bad thing is, garlic mustard came back this year in such abundance that there are still lots of plants remaining to be pulled.  The good this is, you can have your name entered once for each bag of the stuff you pull (and the plants are now so huge it doesn’t take long to fill a bag.)  Remember, one of the prizes is a year’s membership in The Naturist Society, and there will be a party for all pullers at the end of the season.

The weather looks good for Saturday’s fun activities.  Hope to see you on the beach!


Calling All Mazo Beach Weed Warriors!





They’re  B-A-A-C-K….

 car covered with garlic mustard

 Not only have they killed native plants, but appear to have tried to suffocate this car as well…

Some of you may have participated individually or collectively in garlic mustard pulls at Mazo Beach in the past.

We want to thank you once more for the effort and time you have put into this very important project.


During this fifth year of our involvement, Friends of Mazo Beach is once again helping the DNR with their attempts to keep garlic mustard from taking over woodland areas.  Each year there appeared to be less plants, until this year when they seem to have taken over practically everywhere.  


For those of you who did not pull in past years and are unfamiliar with garlic mustard, it is an invasive biennial herb that ranges from 12 to 40 inches in height as an adult flowering plant.  It has a great ability to overwhelm the natural habitat, completely covering the forest floor in a short time displacing most native wildflower species and tree seedlings.  Among the most aggressive of the invasive plants, they threaten the abundant wildflowers and diverse forest ecosystem around Mazo Beach, and the mustard plants are clearly winning.  In only a few years, garlic mustard has taken over the area, effecting not only wildflowers but tree growth and the animals that depend on the natural growth.  But the speed with which it appears and blooms in the spring is worth observing, since it’s among the reasons this plant is so successful in competing with native plants. The earliness and vigor of its growth is one reason it is able to shade out native plants and kill them.  It also is extremely prolific in seed production.  Thus, our most vigilant efforts have to be made to try to control it.


This year many bags have already been pulled to date.  We will be doing the majority of pulling throughout May and June, and then continue to monitor the areas throughout the entire growing season to catch the plants that germinate later. The key is to have them pulled before the seeds on the long chutes are released, which occurs later in July and August.  The DNR will again be providing the garbage bags and pick-up of the bagged plants.


What can you do? Learn to identify these invaders, and help control them by pulling them from the wooded areas around the parking lots & road leading to Mazo Beach.  If unfamiliar, just contact us and we will help you learn more about effectively identifying, pulling, bagging, and how to leave the areas without unknowingly taking seeds with you on your shoes and clothing.




Yes, we do this for Mother Earth, but sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a little incentive.  So as an added bonus, this year all weed warriors participating will receive thank you gifts from The Naturist Society and chances to win 1) a one year Naturist Society membership or 2) a “World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts” guidebook, or 3) many other prizes.


“How?” you ask. Just be sure we have your name / address & email / phone, what date(s) you pulled, & how many bags you filled.  In addition to receiving a thank you gift, for each bag you fill your name will be put in a box for the drawings for a Naturist Society membership, a “World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts” guidebook giving you the top 1000 places to be nude in North America, the Caribbean & Europe, and other valuable prizes.  Want to increase your chances?  Just fill more bags.


The offers for prizes in the drawing will end July 12th.  Thank you gifts will be distributed throughout the season, and the prize winners will receive their prizes in July.  In addition, all participants will be invited to a thank you party this fall.


Please consider how you can help. This is a great opportunity to show your continued vigilance at being a proactive steward of Mother Earth. The small investment of your time can go far in helping safeguard against the spread of this invasive species and helping maintain a healthy diverse environment in our backyard woodland at the beach.  As volunteers, not only do we help rid the area of garlic mustard and restore and protect the biodiversity of our woods, but we build a sense of community (between ourselves, and also with the DNR) as we do so.

Anyone wanting to participate in this year’s pulling efforts, individually or collectively:

call or email FOMB (608-798-1954  /  friendsofmazobeach@yahoo.com)


Have you filled out your confidential 2009 beach survey yet?

Doing so not only helps the beach, but helps keep you informed of both important beach information & fun events offered by FOMB

Another Beach Closing

 Corton Beach UKWhat happens to one can happen to another.  Mazo’s been threatened by different groups for different reasons, but it always comes down to nudity.   Bad behavior is occasionally a problem and provides ammunition to those that would shoo us away, but is not the core issue.  Nudity is, and those that can’t abide it will accept nothing short of the total elimination of our lifestyle. 

  We are an anathma to what they were raised to believe and something they cannot understand.  We are so wrong according to their viewpoint and there is no way for them to concieve of a simple, wholesome way to be nude.

So when push comes to shove, they have the numbers and we get shoved.  But sometimes we hold firm and resist and that’s what Friends of Mazo Beach is all about.  Standing up for us, protecting our rights as a minority, attending boring meetings and trying to connect with sympathetic public officials that they can work with.   Together with TNS they’ve been successful in keeping the Beach open for everyone.

And they don’t get paid for it, so feel free to contribute to the cause to help cover expenses.

I’m not one of those activists, my contribution has been nothing more than this website.  So I’ll keep dropping in until others have it down pat and do what I can to keep it current.  Not quite gone yet…    – S 

  Read about it here:   Corton Beach Officially Closing

Bye Bye, So Long, Farewell…

untitled   Friends, it’s time for the administrator of this FOMB website to bid you a fond adieu.  This site was intended to be an easy-to-do way to provide currant information to you about the Beach and related topics.  In that I feel that it’s fulfilled it’s function.

 But I never intended to be the one to do it.  It was given to FOMB with the thought that someone else with an interest would pick it up.  

Our lives are very troubled right now and there are other obligations that have a higher priority.  This site, though easy to handle, is more than I wish to do.

On a personal level, we hardly consider ourselves to be part of Badger Naturists anymore.  Due to disabilities we can no longer go to the beach.  Due to the way the law looks at things we are not disabled and cannot get a pass to drive there, though many less disabled than we are can.  The best we can do is a Winter party once in a while.  We love the folks but don’t really feel like we can participate much and belong.

So this is a request for help.  Someone, one of you, to perhaps take over this site and give it  some new life.  Just e-mail mazobeachfriends@yahoo.com with a brief explanation of why you’d like to do it and we’ll forward it to the Powers That Be and lemazot them decide.

There is an opportunity here for someone to contribute to the FOMB and Badger Naturist organizations, I hope someone will take it. 

Thanks for coming here, hope it’s been useful, and hopefully will be better in the future!

On The Road Again, With Rev. Ralph

 bus_small One of our old ‘friends’ is back in the news.  Rev. Ralph has bought some ads on Madison city busses reminding us that there IS a God.  This is a response to the Freedom From Religion  folks’ ads quoting famous people explaining why they don’t think so.

Madison Metro is enjoying the added revenue.  Works for us.

Anyway, his bunch hasn’t bothered us for years, not since his, ah, legal problems.  Kind of makes you believe in a God after all…

Here’s a link to the story in the Wisconsin State Journal 

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beach 2 200x152  It’s finally here, now all we have to do is wait for it to warm up a bit.  Sun, sand, and surf!  Well, maybe not surf but ripples from passing canoes anyway.

  Time to remember to stay out of the woods, clean up after yourselves, and don’t stick cig butts in the sand!

  If you’re planning on camping at Cedar Hills it would be a good idea to check out their website.  Higher rates, lots of new rules.  It wouldn’t hurt to know what to expect.  Main changes:  costs more, you need to buy their firewood (can’t bring your own), and check in at the office every time you leave then return.

So let’s look forward to a long, warm summer season to rescue us from yet another Wisconsin winter, and give us a reason to survive the next one!

Soon we can all meet on the beach and share winter terror tales and laugh about it, with that slight shudder in the back of our minds reminding us that it’s all going to happen again.

Nah, not this year, global warming will save us and it won’t get below 70 next winter!

See you at the beach!


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Not Much Going on In the Winter

We try to keep you up to date as to what’s happening related to our beach, FOMB, Badger Naturists, etc, but there’s not really much to tell right now.

Perhaps some of you know of events going on around this part of the world (Wisconsin, Northern Illinois) that folks might be interested in and you could drop us a line? 

In the meantime, it’s supposed to be in the 40’s this weekend so, we’ll see you at the beach!