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Another Beach Closing

 Corton Beach UKWhat happens to one can happen to another.  Mazo’s been threatened by different groups for different reasons, but it always comes down to nudity.   Bad behavior is occasionally a problem and provides ammunition to those that would shoo us away, but is not the core issue.  Nudity is, and those that can’t abide it will accept nothing short of the total elimination of our lifestyle. 

  We are an anathma to what they were raised to believe and something they cannot understand.  We are so wrong according to their viewpoint and there is no way for them to concieve of a simple, wholesome way to be nude.

So when push comes to shove, they have the numbers and we get shoved.  But sometimes we hold firm and resist and that’s what Friends of Mazo Beach is all about.  Standing up for us, protecting our rights as a minority, attending boring meetings and trying to connect with sympathetic public officials that they can work with.   Together with TNS they’ve been successful in keeping the Beach open for everyone.

And they don’t get paid for it, so feel free to contribute to the cause to help cover expenses.

I’m not one of those activists, my contribution has been nothing more than this website.  So I’ll keep dropping in until others have it down pat and do what I can to keep it current.  Not quite gone yet…    – S 

  Read about it here:   Corton Beach Officially Closing

On The Road Again, With Rev. Ralph

 bus_small One of our old ‘friends’ is back in the news.  Rev. Ralph has bought some ads on Madison city busses reminding us that there IS a God.  This is a response to the Freedom From Religion  folks’ ads quoting famous people explaining why they don’t think so.

Madison Metro is enjoying the added revenue.  Works for us.

Anyway, his bunch hasn’t bothered us for years, not since his, ah, legal problems.  Kind of makes you believe in a God after all…

Here’s a link to the story in the Wisconsin State Journal 

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SUBJECT: San Onofre Update

“DATE: October 3, 2008
SUBJECT: San Onofre Update
TO: All naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

The beach at Trail 6 of San Onofre State Beach remains clothing-optional, thanks to quick and successful action by the Naturist Action Committee…”  

The full NAC posting is HERE  

NAC Lawsuit, San Ofrofre Beach

NAC is challenging the decision to end a long tradition of the beach being clothing-optional.  Read about it HERE.  And more HERE from Friends Of San Onofre Beach.

7-11 San Onofre Update

Here’s a recent article from NFN Travel International about the combined NAC and Friends of San Onofre Beach lawsuit to keep the beach clothing-optional. 

     Click HERE for that article

     or  HERE for an NAC posting.

Another Beach under Fire

Click HERE for more information.  Or read the article.