It’s that time of year again…

 A number of rooms and party spots are already spoken for, so please reply as soon as possible if interested.  Hope you can join this annual uproariously demented omnium gatherum of nekid misfits.  Info from the invitation is copied below:


Time to clean yourself up, get dressed, put some shoes on your feet, a smile on your face and crawl on down to experience a rather “different” kind of HELLoween….

Come join the Badger Naturists and the Friends of Mazo Beach for some mayhem & mischief at the “NAKED NOSTALGIC NIGHTMARE”

October 28th –  30th, 2011     THREE DAYS / TWO NIGHTS !!     West of Madison

FEATURING:   spacious pool – hot tub – steam room – sauna – health club – games – quizzes – contests – dancing – food – fun

BONUS:  Saturday night is the big party, but there are extra treats and games for those arriving Friday.

BRING:  Room decorations * – Jack-o-lantern for contest * – Devilishly delicious dish to share * – Creative spooktacular Halloween costume * – Food or money for our annual food pantry contribution * – Towel and lawn chair – A playful nostalgic spirit – BYOB: bring your own brew (no cash bar)

(*prizes given to quiz & game winners and food pantry contributors as well as for best potluck items, costumes, jack-o-lanterns, & room decorations)

DIRECTIONS:  Yadda Yadda Hwy Blah Blah Blah:  [ie: directions upon confirmation of reservation]

RESERVATIONS:  For more info, call 608-798-1954.  Reservations from Badger Naturists & Friends of MazoBeach honored first.  Admittance by reservation only – ABSOLUTELY NO WALK-INS.  Reservation form & payment deadline is October 24th.

COST FOR SATURDAY EVENING ONLY:  (includes party from 5pm – 1am, & potluck dinner)

$20 per BN / FOMB SINGLE & $30 per BN / FOMB COUPLE

$30 per NON – BN / FOMB SINGLE & $45 per NON – BN / FOMB COUPLE

COST FOR SAT/SUN NAKED NIGHTMARE WEEKEND:  (includes party from 11am – 11am, potluck dinner, & Sunday brunch)

$99 / ROOM for 1 or 2 people ( add $15 per person for each non – BN / FOMB )

$149 / ROOM for 3 or 4 people ( add $15 per person for each non – BN / FOMB )


ADDED COST FOR FRIDAY NIGHT: ONLY $10 each (yeah, really) for new or current TNS members (call for details).

COST FOR KIDS Younglings are always welcome to come for free (for they are crunchy & taste good with ketchup).


Let your voice be heard and your presence be acknowledged by filling out this year’s survey. 

Not only does it provide valuable information to help protect the beach, but it gets you on the mailing list to receive important info regarding the beach and upcoming activities including the most popular annual Halloween party.  In addition, for completing your survey you can pick up a thank you gift at the beach or some other FOMB or Badger Naturist event.

Remember, we do not use surveys from prior to 2011 for mailings and invitations, so you need to submit one every year even if you have done so in past years.

So if you haven’t already completed a survey this year, click on the hyperlink to the right listed under “Pages”.  Join the nearly 1000 beach users and supporters who have submitted surveys so far this year to date.

Thanks for standing up to be counted, letting your voice be heard, and being a part of making a difference.

TNS Facebook Group

TNS has started a Facebook group that caters to nudists.  For more information go here:  TNS on Facebook 

Video Nudes

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that it it’s illegal to film nude people without their permission.  This could affect the rights of privacy at places such as Mazo Beach. 

Generally speaking, photographs taken in public settings don’t need permission for commercial use if individuals are not readily recognizable, so crowd pictures are fairly safe to use.

Cameras at the beach are an occasional problem, usually quickly remedied.  Realistically though, without legal merit.  This ruling should make a better case for not allowing even personal use of pictures taken at the beach without permission.

Read about the ruling here:  Yahoo News

There is a catch:  the ruling relates to secret filming.  It might not apply if it was done openly, without secrecy.  And there’s no law against taking pictures on public land.

There is a law of nature, though.  Cameras don’t float…  

This Might be a Good Time for This…

Courtesy All Nudist:  A Summer Reminiscence for a Winter Day

Nude Beaches Are Good for the Local Economy

This article is relevant to Mazo inasmuch as we do contribute to the local economy by camping nearby, shopping and dining, motel stays and just general touristing.

It’s important the the local merchants remember this so, if you can, feel free to mention the reason you’re in town.  Even folks that are not real comfortable with our lifestyle still appreciate our contributions to their business establishment.

Are Nude Beaches the Answer to Economic Woes?

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A Brief History of Nudism and Naturism

image   With thanks to  and credit to Southern California Naturist Association.   Enjoy!

  “A Brief History…”

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