Naked at Amazo

[Note: This post is written by the webmaster after a brief conversation with FOMB.]

Yes, you read the title correctly — it isn’t a typo. If you haven’t heard about it yet, a play titled “Naked at Amazo” has been written about the historical issues surrounding the beach. Oddly enough, it opens during Nude Recreation Week (this week).  For more info, check out the WSJ article, Sauk Prairie article, and the company’s website.  Performances are July 11, 12, 13 and August 1, 2, 3.

We encourage naturists to attend.  It’ll be an entertaining play and it is supporting a local new business.  However, there are some things to beware of:

  • The writers claim to be unbiased, and they do try, but they aren’t.  (All-Nudist points this out, but it was known prior to that.)  To their credit, they do link to this website and attempt to educate people about naturism within the play.
  • The play makes naturists look like idiots, however it makes just about everyone else involved look like idiots too.  It’s a comedy play, so don’t take it too seriously.
  • It’s intended to be fiction, but nonetheless it’s quite inaccurate at portraying the beach history.  For example, it assumes it was originally a textile beach and the naturists slowly took over.  Really, our grandparents were skinny-dipping in nearly every secluded area.  (Swimming pools too — most high schools required nudity and the YMCA required it up until the 70’s.)  There was a time when a nude beach and little-used textile beach peacefully co-existed, but that ended when flooding took out a lot of the beach area in the early 90’s.  Sand is back though, so there’s plenty of room for both user groups again if the DNR allowed it.
  • Although Ralph Ovadal’s protests are a piece of history that probably won’t return, the play does bring up another piece of history which could.  (Especially after they put the idea in people’s heads.)  Be prepared for this, naturists, just in case.

The schedule shows that Sunday’s performance will include a Q&A session afterwards.  I’m sure discussions will follow each performance, but Sunday’s might be the lengthiest and most interesting.

Hopefully we’ll see you there!


2014 Petition in Support of Mazo Beach

Mazo Beach desperately needs your help!  Please print off a petition (or petitions) and offer the opportunity to sign to everyone you know who understands the value of the beach and believes that Mazo Beach should remain as a clothing-optional beach as well as be re-opened Mondays thru Fridays.

PETITION (Word format)


Please note:

  • The DNR and Riverway Board will ONLY get the LEFT HALF of the sheet with the date, signature, and printed name.
  • The RIGHT HALF is only if we need to contact you.
  • If known, please indicate on the far right if the person is a naturist (N), a non-naturist (NN), a supporter (S), or a business owner (BO).

Please return by Tuesday June 10th for maximum impact in both meetings.  (If returned later that week, it can still be included for the second meeting.)

Mail the petition to:
or scan and e-mail to

Petition text:

I, the undersigned, am a naturist or non-naturist Mazo Beach user, a supporter, and / or a local business owner who benefits from this clothing-optional beach. I support the continued inclusion of long-standing traditional clothing-optional usage of the beach as a part of a multi-use land management plan for the Mazomanie Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Whether or not I choose nude recreation as my personal option, I oppose any action by the DNR or any other public officials to restrict or eliminate such usage. I strongly urge public officials to allocate the resources to make beach visits safe and enjoyable every day of the week, and I request priority to be given to preserving this site for the many tens of thousands who use it each year.”


2014 Handicap Entry

The current application for 2014 has been posted.  Please see this page (or the Handicap Entry tab above) for details.

2014 FOMB Survey

 Please take the time to fill out the FOMB 2014 Survey / Mailing List Update as soon as possible.

Click the link below for the Word document:


Mail the completed survey to:
or e-mail to

All information provided is kept strictly confidential, but valuable information has been gained by being able to number crunch and provide statistical information to the DNR, legislators, and others who have power to decide how the beach is managed.

As always, if uncomfortable answering any question at any time, just don’t answer it and move on to the next question.

Remember, a survey must be filled out each year to be on the current mailing list.  (Also, in addition to keeping you updated with current accurate beach information, the mailing list is used for sending off-season activity invitations – the infamous Halloween Party, etc…)

With all the arrows pointed at the beach from various directions this year, it is more important than ever before to both let your voice be heard and to be able to stay informed as changes occur.

Thank you for caring and letting your voice be heard!

And thanks to the tens of thousands who have taken the time to do surveys since 1992. The statistical information provided in the surveys has many times proven invaluable in providing information to the various powers that be, and continues to play a major role in helping keep Mazo Beach clothing-optional.

So, if you agree with the following statement, click on the above link to be a part of making a difference.


(kept strictly confidential)

I support FOMB’s efforts in representing me and my interests, and working on my behalf and behalf of other naturist and non-naturist users from various user groups as well as supporters of individual freedom and local business owners to help maintain our rights to use the public lands of Mazo Beach in a harmonious, respectful manner. I support the continued inclusion of long-standing traditional clothing-optional usage of Mazo Beach on the Wisconsin River as a part of a multi-use management plan for the Mazomanie Unit of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway. Whether or not I choose nude recreation as my personal option, I oppose any action by the DNR or any other public officials to restrict or eliminate such usage. I strongly urge public officials to allocate the resources to make my visits to the beach safe and enjoyable, and I request that priority be given to preserving this site for the many who use it each year in a clothing-optional manner.”

Please help us better represent you by sharing some info:

[If uncomfortable answering any question at any time, do not answer it.]


Stay Tuned!

The 2012 Zombie Apocalypse might’ve claimed the previous web administrator, but there is a new one in town now.  Stay tuned while we do some cleanup and post the latest information about the beach.

Final Segment of 2011 Nude Olympics – Sunday, September 4th

Thanks much for ALL the input and suggestions regarding the upcoming Labor Day Weekend events at the beach.  Based on your responses, the games and contests will commence around noonish on Sunday. 

The official tug of war rope has been picked up from the USA Tug of War Association.  (Ancient Tug of War Proverb: The Challenge for every team is to build a feeling of oneness… because the question is not how well each team member pulls, but how well they pull together.)  And, hey, did you know that the world championships are going to be taking place in Appenzell Switzerland next year? – And the 2014 World Championships will be right here in Madison WI !!!

The tug of war will start out the Nude Olympics shortly after noon.  Check previous postings for some of the games occurring after the opening tug.

Grapes will be on hand to nourish the bodies of all players, and a fantastic assortment of prizes, mostly provided by The Naturist Society’s Skinnydipper Shop, are ready to be given out.

Weather should be great – no rain, and lower temperatures.

Hope you can come join us and be a Nude Olympian (a real eye-catcher to add to your resume.)  Oh, and not to worry, there’s really not much need to be in shape or have any great skills or finesse to be a winner.

Questions?  E-mail or call 608-798-1954.

Another Great and Magical Weekend at the Beach !

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Nude Olympics yesterday.  The weather was ideal for a wonderful day at the beach – perfect temperature, low humidity, pleasant breeze, and intermittent clouds in the sky.

One question we are being asked repeatedly via email this morning already is about the outcome of the three candy guessing contests.  The winners were Merry, Jerry, and Patty with the correct counts being 55 fish, 77 life savers, and 333 gummy bares.

Due to it being a perfect day for relaxing and wandering around the beach, a number of the games requiring more people and teams being in one place at the same time did not occur, but there were many requests to do them some time over Labor Day weekend.  Let us know what days you plan to be there, and we will try to accomodate the majority of people. 

Besides the various games and contests that did occur, we were treated to two VERY GIANT chairs at the beach – we hope they return often.  In addition, our resident juggler treated everyone to a spendid show of awesome juggling with many objects – from grapes and balls to swords and flaming torches!  Thanks, Rick.

 After prizes were distributed, juicy watermelon slices were a welcome treat for many people still on the beach.

What a slice of heaven !!!