FOMB was created by the Naturist Action Committee, the political arm of The Naturist Society, in the early 1990s and continues a close working relationship with both. Over the years, the DNR has recognized FOMB’s representation of many user groups and individuals who use Mazo Beach.

The goal of FOMB is to help maintain our rights to use the public lands of Mazo Beach in a harmonious, respectful manner. We support the continued inclusion of traditional, clothing-optional usage of Mazo Beach as a part of the DNR’s multi-use land management plan.

We oppose any action by the DNR or any other public officials to restrict or eliminate such usage. We educate and strongly urge public officials to allocate the resources to make our visits to the beach safe and enjoyable, and request that priority be given to preserving this traditional site for the many who use it each year in a clothing-optional manner.

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  1. We spent a few weekends at the beach this summer had a great time. We see you had a halloween get togehter, how do we get on a mailing list for upcoming events? Would like to possibly attend. Thanks.

  2. Hi Kerry, if you go to the ‘contact’ page you will find e-mail to get to FOMB or Badger Naturists (related) and ask them directly. I just administer this site and am not privy to the ‘inner workings’.

    Otherwise, , while a bit slow on the updates, generally gives notice of upcoming events. Some are open to the public, some are members only.

    There is usually a winter party sometime around Valentine’s Day at a motel near Madison. There are occasional house parties usually reserved for members.

    We try to post info here as we get it but sometimes are as in the dark as you are. This is a voulnteer outfit and often moves a little slowly!

    Good luck, and welcome!

  3. have not seen any connection to your group? would love to be a member.

    • The best way to “join the club” is to meet up at the beach, the Halloween party, or one of the other winter parties. Keep an eye on this site and the Badger Naturist site for those events, or call the numbers listed on the sites.

  4. Spent three separate visits to beach everyone was friendly and respectful.

  5. Does anyone know if the DNR are issuing keys to gate entrance for the handicap for 2015?

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