It’s Winter, Again…

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Ahh, if only it could be so.  But some of  us can!  Hurray!  Think about your snowbound compatriates while you’re basking, OK?  Think Spring!

Winter Party, 2008

IMG_3358 It’s time for some winter fun, get a little break from this awful Wisconsin weather! 

It’s real easy, just click here: Winter Party  and get yourselves set up for a warm, fun, nude time.  RigHotTubChantalVal.jpg (31084 bytes)ht here in the frozen North!

It’s coming up in January so it’s time to plan ahead.  You may also check out Badger Naturists for details. 

Get out of the house!  Get nekked!  Be happy!

Funny What You find

PCC Blocks MazoDig around a bit (it’s cold, what else is there to do?) and you run across stuff you forgot all about.

So here’s another blast from the past:   Mazo Beach Naked Turtles

Short Item…

 …relating to our Beach:   ‘Mayor of Mazo Beach’ 

  Any comments?

This Might be a Good Time for This…

Courtesy All Nudist:  A Summer Reminiscence for a Winter Day

Who Says That Nudists Can’t Have Fun in Winter?

IMG_3331Good example of what a (maybe stupid) naturist can do in freezing weather.

  Click  HERE    Or, could this be inspiration for the rest of us?  Snow is free, after all…

By the way, sometime this winter they’ll be doing the annual ‘Jump into Lake Monona in the middle of the winter’ thing.  They like groups or families, provide hot tubs for afterwards, it’s a hoot.  Big event.

Maybe we should have  a Badger Naturists group there.  Volunteers?

Oh, you have to wear something.  But judging by the tiny g-string worn by one guy we saw, apparently not much.

Hey!  Only 14 Saturdays until Spring!

Nude Beaches Are Good for the Local Economy

This article is relevant to Mazo inasmuch as we do contribute to the local economy by camping nearby, shopping and dining, motel stays and just general touristing.

It’s important the the local merchants remember this so, if you can, feel free to mention the reason you’re in town.  Even folks that are not real comfortable with our lifestyle still appreciate our contributions to their business establishment.

Are Nude Beaches the Answer to Economic Woes?

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